So I figured in the name of transparency I should make a post explaining why I am going to make a business that focuses on clearing the skin through nutritional and lifestyle changes. The world is going through a health crisis. Billions of tons of toxins are being dumped into the earth around the globe. People have forgotten what real food is. The health and wellbeing of the people is disastrous. The soil has been degraded with the use of NPK fertilizers. The rainforests are being cut down to make room for factory cows. Healthcare costs and the way we are doing things is unsustainable both financially and environmentally. There needs to be a change. And the only time people change is when they experience a catalysts, such as acne.

Also, functional medicine and functional nutrition is the way of the future and is the only way how people will truly recover from chronic diseases. With Clear Nutrition I can help introduce people to functional medicine so that they at least know that it is out there. That way, if they or anyone they know ever gets sick they will know where to turn to so that they don’t have to struggle with years of unanswered questions and doctors telling them that everything is in their head or that there’s nothing they can do. That is a frustrating path that no one should go down yet it is happening every day.

People try so hard to cover up symptoms of ill-health. Since I am learning that we can actually get to the root causes behind our health struggles I feel that it is my duty to inform the public about these options. That way people will have the opportunity to live their lives to their fullest potential.

I’ll be updating Clear Nutrition with both information on acne and on functional nutrition testing and how you can reach amazing health.

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