Wow, it’s been a while since I last posted. Hope you all doing great, today I will be reviewing on the Too Faced glitter glue with MAC cosmetics pigments and glitters to test how good it is, I actually had fun doing it.  Lets review Too Faced Primer – Glitter Glue.
Before we go into details I noticed they have changed the packaging which I even favor more than the older version I have, (link attached Too Faced), Too Faced Primer comes up with the cutest packaging.
So Let’s get started, it is said on their website a full coverage insurance policy against fallout from glitter, shimmer, and metallic shadows. It locks everything in and enhances their reflective quality. What do you think? hmmm!!

Well, that is why I will demonstrate my experiment through a short video on INSTAGRAM make sure to click this link to watch and then we can decide if it’s as promising as they said. Warning! You will witness some messy glitter out of the glue premises.

Too Faced Primer - Glitter Glue Yeshadow Primer - Review

RESULTS: I am honestly impressed, as seen it locked down the glitter and pigment pretty well, gave a beautiful reflective, vibrant, did not cause any fallout and long lasting; I would definitely recommend it. Comment below what your thoughts? Any recommendations?

Where to buy Too Faced Primer?

Review Too Faced Primer – Glitter Glue Yeshadow Primer – Review.

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