Do you eat healthily but still have acne or other skin issues?

Are you tired of not knowing what foods you should be eating? Do you wish that you could find out what foods cause inflammation in YOUR body and might even lead to breakouts?

Do you wish you knew what your hormone levels really were? What if you could see if your testosterone is too high or if your estrogens are out of range?

Have you ever thought that you have leaky gut or candidiasis?

Until recently I wanted to know the same things. 

Then I found out about functional nutrition.

Functional Nutrition is a form of healthcare that builds health by uncovering hidden stressors and taking care of health issues at their roots. It looks at the interactions among genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors, and how they affect the person.

This approach, which tells you how the different systems of your body (your digestive system, your hormone/endocrine system, your detox system, etc.) are working, was so appealing to me that I became certified in functional diagnostic nutrition.

In order to combine what I learned from years of research, along with this new found approach of functional nutrition, plus my training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I’m creating the Clear Nutrition System. This will be a 6 month program designed to help you reach your goals of clearer skin, better digestion and optimal health.

Here’s where it gets good: As a functional diagnostic nutritionist I address the root causes of your health problems. I’ve learned how to interpret functional lab tests to uncover healing opportunities in your body and address them. Once we uncover these healing opportunities, you will get a personalized health-building strategy based off of your own bio-individuality.

So you can sign up, start the reset diet immediately, then have the opportunity to do functional lab tests to customize your plan. These tests will look at food sensitivities (even the healthiest diet won’t be right for you if it’s filled with foods you’re sensitive to), your hormones (hormonal balance plays a key role in digestive functioning and your immune system), and your digestive system (if you have an infection, chances are you won’t completely heal). By taking this multi-faceted approach, you’ll heal your gut and clear your skin.

The Clear Nutrition System (coming late 2015)

This will include:

1) The Gut Healing, Skin Clearing 30 Day Reset Diet

2) The Gut Healing, Skin Clearing 30 day follow up a meal plan

3) Access to the metabolic typing diet to get the best diet for you after the initial 60 days

4) Support from the facebook group

5) 6 Functional Lab Tests: The 201V, 101, 401H, MRT, IgG, and Intestinal Permeability Test.

6) 12 skype consultations (1 every other week) to go over the tests and other areas of your life.

Things the tests will look at:

Hormones and Food Sensitivities

Checking the hormones is important because hormonal imbalance can lead to or be a cause of digestive disfunction, HPA Axis Dysfunction (formerly called Adrenal Fatigue), and other health issues. Hormonal balance is a key component to being truly healthy, and without balanced hormones, we are not healthy or functioning at 100%.

The test to check your hormones is the 205V.

The MRT and IgG tests look at food sensitivities. This is important because it will show you which foods to eliminate from the Gut Healing, Skin Clearing diet. This customized approach will decrease the healing time and should lead to better results.

Once we get your test results back, we’ll go over them together. Here you should finally see what’s going on and get some clarity into your situation, especially into what foods you should and shouldn’t be eating. You’ll also get recommendations based on the results.

Digestive Health

The lab tests that look into your digestive health includes the 401H, the 101, the Intestinal Permeability Test and the SIBO breathe test. The stool tests check for parasites, bacteria, dysbiosis, fungus, infections and other bugs in your digestive system. This is crucial because infections must be taken care of in order to truly heal. Even if you have no signs of an infection or digestive symptoms, getting stool tests is necessary. Many functional medicine practitioners find that 50% or more of their patients test positive on stool tests, even if they don’t have any digestive symptoms. Taking care of a hidden parasite can result in an immediate turnaround in your overall health. Once these test results come in, we will further modify your supplements and diet to fit your particular situation.

The reason why I really love this because it gives you real, objective data to go off of.

You shouldn’t guess when it comes to your health. That’s why functional lab work is so helpful.

Additional Support and Bonuses

Every month, along with going over test results, we’ll also go over how you are handling the recommendations. We’ll also talk about other aspects of your life, including exercise, physical activity, rest, relationships and more. Here you will get more time to talk and possibly discover ways you can improve your health that may be overlooked. This is a service that I have not seen anywhere else. We are more than what we eat. True health requires a holistic approach. That means we need to address every aspect of our lives if we really want to live optimally. If someone signs up for my services, I want to support them and help them improve as much of their lives as possible. We have these health coaching calls/skype sessions once a month in addition to your functional lab interpretations.

In addition to all of this, you may want to know what foods will work for your particular metabolic type. You’ll have the option to complete a metabolic typing test to understand what foods are best suited for you. I like to wait until after a gut healing protocol to do this because we really have to heal the gut first, which requires a special diet. Once the gut is healed, then metabolic typing can be used to expand the diet even further.

Review The BEST, Step-by-Step Process to Fix Digestion and Heal the Skin: The Functional Nutrition Approach.

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