Farah Squats are performed with high volume and requires special form throughout each entire set. 
While very similar to German Volume Training it requires 10 sets of 15 reps versus 10 reps! 
Weight is also increased by 50 lbs per set as well. George "The Pro Maker" Farah  introduced Farah Squats  to me while training me for the 2010 NPC Team Universe where I won the Heavyweight class and the Most Muscular Freak Award! 
With George "The Pro Maker" Farah's leg program you continue on after your first exercise! After your Farah Squats take a 5 minute break and drink 1 Scoop of Plasma Blast. 
Once you've rested the second half begins! Leg Press, Seated Leg Curls, Lying Leg Curls, and Straight Leg Deadlifts all for 5 sets of 15 reps! Calves are hit on a different day all alone after a workout like this! 
*This program is very advanced so please start very light with your weight and give yourself plenty of rest in between sets! 
* Drink 1 Scoop of Amino 5.0 during your workout. I like mine mixed in my shaker with a lot of ice to keep me fresh and it taste very good keeping me filled with nutrients.
Post Workout:
- Drink 2 Scoops of Plasma Blast right after finish your workout and 20 minutes after drink 2 Scoops of Pro Maker Hydrolyzed Protein.
*Please consult in a professional or physician before performing any exercise program!
Follow my Nutrition Workshop
I will Explain you how exercise and diet will benefit and give you directions to achieve your health and fitness goals .
For personal training or online coaching please contact me at davecol68@yahoo.com 
Override You Limits !

Post-workout intake better known as "feed the machine " is very important!

Post-workout intake should began following any type of strength training. 
After strength training the glycogen, a multi branch form of glucose, is at its lowest point. 
I instantly mix Pro Maker Hydrolyzed in 7oz of water then drink. Pro Maker Hydrolyzed is formalized and micronized to digest within minutes. 
After intake of Pro Maker Hydrolyzed I wait 25 minutes then mix 2 scoops of Plasma Blast mixed with 12oz of water. 
Plasma Blast is actually awesome and contains a 25g carb matrix which completely fills those glycogen stores! 
Plasma Blast is also loaded with BCAAs to speed up your recovery and give you the right nutrients, and it contains high dosages of pump agents to keep you pumped for up to 6 hours and help you flush all the toxins from breaking up muscle after your workout .
This is bodybuilding Science.
To continue getting the best of this window of muscular growth and gains I take advantage  by eating a meal that consist of carbs, protein and a little fiber:
8oz chicken 
2 cup of steam rice
1 banana or green apple 
For personal training or online coaching please contact me at davecol68@yahoo.com 
*George " The Pro Maker " Farah designed Human Evolution Supplements from years of experience and study to improve your performance and help you to:
Override Your Limits !!!