NYX Face and Body Glitter

Hello, lovelies finally swatches and review are up, I Struggled a while to post it earlier yet my phone decides to delete my camera roll with no reason SIGH!! Goodbye memories and hard work beauty shots.

Anyway, a while ago I was browsing through Ulta to check for any new beauty related updates and I randomly saw NYX face and body glitter, it caught my attention as I am a sucker to sparkly things, though my only problem Ulta ships here neither land down understock it – but don’t worry, because you can get it on Amazon.

We are always behind when it comes to beauty products it’s a pain!! But thanks to ShopandBox and Anne for making it possible. As some might not know Shopandbox is a website when you assign for a personal shopper to shop for you in selected countries especially hard to reach items, I lost count on purchases using their service so I do recommend checking them out.

Now let’s keep it short and jump right into the swatches below.

glitter swatches
Left to Right | Gunmetal, Crystal, Blue, Rose
glitter swatches

I used TooFaced shadow insurance glitter glue to swatch them and Let me tell you they swatch so gorgeously, the glitter has a finely milled texture that won’t irritate your skin, not chunky at all and colors are so beautiful, my most favorite out of the four glitters are Rose and Blue; I honestly think it has the same texture of a high-end glitter the only difference it has a brand name stamped on it. I do recommend them as they are also affordable; Ulta is still having their promotion buy one get second half price!! I love bargains so hurry and save.

UPDATE  To my Aussie Followers Asos finally stocks NYX Face and Body Glitter if your interested 🙂 linked attached below.

Face and Body Glitter Retail Price Ranges between $5.99 to $12 and are available on Amazon: Gunmetal, Crystal, Blue, Rose.

 If you have any questions please ask, till next time xx

Review NYX Face and Body Glitter.

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