Well, you know I don’t have the strongest nails so whenever I try a new nail polish brand, it’s important for me to know it’s gonna stick around for as long as possible. I took Essie nail polish to the test and the results are presented in front of you.

Essie Nail Polish is well knowns for being a vivid and strong colored nail polish. However, most colors I’ve tested needed at least two coats to show the color, so you will end up using it quickly. I don’t mind that, because Essie’s nail polishes stay on my nails in a pretty good condition almost 7 days – which is quite amazing for my fragile nails (bad quality nail polishes stay for two days).



Essie nail polish review – What’s the verdict?

Score: 8-10

The Pros: Essie’s nail polishes come in such an amazing color palette, good brush, clever names, nice texture, dries quickly and gosh, it actually stays.

The Cons: Very thin, some shades require at least three coats.

My Favorites:

Photos via @simplylovepolish

Essie Gel Couture Sizzling Hot

Essie Ballet Slippers 

Essie Island Hopping

Essie Marshmallow

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