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Hello Guys! My tip of the week: 
Duration and proper speed allows your body to burn fat! Subtract 220 - your age and this will give you your max heart rate. You want to be at 55-65% of that; believe it or not you should be able to hold a conversation when performing your cardio. Think about it for a moment! When lifting weights your body uses glycogen with a much faster heartbeat. Cardio performed at 55-65% of your max heart rate will allow you to use fat for energy! The most amazing thing is with your heart rate at that percentage (55-65%) you will continue to burn fat when you finish because the heart rate comes down slowly verses when your performing weight training at a faster heart rate. 
  My cardio is performed straight out of bed early in the morning! Fifteen minutes before I start I mix:
Then drink. Human Evolution's Coreburner doesn't race the heart or give jitters. You can really trim that waist and burn fat by also using  Human Fitness Gear's Waist Trainer! The Amino 5.0 replenishes muscle upon rising out of bed and adds fuel to the fat burning process!
I also add to my water H2O Flavor Splash C for great taste and immune system boost with 500 mg of Vitamin C per serving.

*George " The Pro Maker " Farah designed Human Evolution Supplements from years of experience and study to improve your performance and help you to: 
Override Your Limits !!!
For personal training or online coaching please contact me at

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