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"David Says" No 8, Importance of Hydration

Hello Guys! My tip of the week: 
H2O, water, is very important for your overall fitness goals! Water helps with digestion of food and overall body functions. You want to make sure that you're hydrated during the day and your workout! Your muscles hold 75% water so just imagine not drinking  enough daily not to mention during your workout. Water plays a huge role in muscle development and recovery as well! Carbs hold 75% water so the intake of water allows your muscles to store glycogen better. You should try to consume at least eight 8oz glasses (64 oz) of water daily. I drink up to a gallon of water daily mixed with lemon juice and Human Evolution's H2O Flaver!

*Human Evolution Supplements 
"H2O Flavor Splash C" adds flavor, great taste, and supports the immune system with:

* 500 mg of Vitamin C per serving.
* No artificial Color
* Only 5 Calories
* 30 servings per container
*George " The Pro Maker " Farah designed Human Evolution Supplements from years of experience and study to improve your performance and help you to: 
Override Your Limits !!!
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Thanks guys!

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