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David Says No 7. Delt Destruction

Developing the shoulders can be very difficult and requires complete construction. I say construction because you have to use all types of angles and exercises to hit all three heads of the delts (anterior,medial,posterior) Structured and complete focus will allow you to attain those capped cannonball delts that your looking for! 
*Smith Machine Shoulder Press *    15x10
*Dumbbell Side Raises                      4x10
*Dumbbell Front Raises                     4x10
*Dumbbell Bent Raises                      4x10
*Up-Right Rows                                 4x10
*Shrugs                                              4x15
* 5 sets light weight*
   5 sets medium weight*
   5 sets heavy weight*
*Always train smart and include Human Evolution Supplements to help exceed your fitness goals!
Override Your Limits !!!
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Override Your Limits !!!

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