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Hello Guys! My tip of the week: 

                 When it comes to eating keep it simple and don't over think it! Eating is a lifestyle so I don't believe in fad diets because they come in go. The most important key to a eating regime is to add seasoning when preparing your food. A major misunderstanding when people hear clean eating they at times think it's just bland food on a plate or in my case a plastic container! So now that you know that you can use seasonings on your food; try to eat small meals every 2 to 3 hours. Eating more frequently will speed up your metabolism and will allow you to use your food more efficiently. In my off season my meals are larger and still frequently throughout the day. I also use Human Evolution Supplements along with my food because you can not get all the nutrition you need throughout your day with just food! These are great to consider:

Protein.                              Carbohydrates.
*talapia.                                *sweet potatoes 
*chicken                                *plain potatoes 
*Pro Maker Hydrolyzed          *oatmeal
*Whey 44                              *steam rice
*lean beef                              *brown rice
*salmon                                 *grits
*haddook                               *cream of wheat
*flounder                               *Plasma Blast      

*mixed greens(spinach,arugula,romaine)
*green beans

*green apples
*green pears
*grape fruit
*garcinia cambogia( found in Human Evolutions L-Carntine 1800)

Try eating 1 of the foods, protein,carbohydrate,fibers,and fruit) with each meal but fruit only a couple of times a day. After 3 weeks of eat this way give yourself a day where you can eat a nice meal of your choice ( cheat meal). All these ideas will help your eating become a lifestyle!

Override Your Limits !!!
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