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David Says No 5. High Volume Glute Training

High Volume Glute Training 

    When training to develop the butt you want to target all different areas (Gluteus Maximus, Menius, and Minimus) High volume training is the way to go; keeping the reps high and to weight at a medium to high range allows great blood flow to those areas.Each rep should be performed precise with great form as well as good squeeze! The following exercises are some of the best movements that I have my clients do:
*Squats (Wide to medium stance)
*Straight Leg Deadlifts
*Glute Kickbacks 
*Smith Machine Reverse Lunges
*Abductors Machine (with forward lean)
While in position of each exercise focus on your developing the butt that you're trying to achieve! At the end of the glute workout finish with wide width leg presses and vertical hip thrust in a superset.
*Exercises should be performed at a 5x15 ratio.
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