There are many ways we can improve our self-esteem and feel better about ourselves. Here are 3.

Ask yourself if you do these things and if you don’t, take action and start! Your self-esteem will thank you.

1. Actively Be Grateful

Key word here is actively. It’s easy to say to ourselves that we appreciate the blessings in our lives, but the power of  actively displaying your gratitude for your life is insurmountable and creates a mindset that leaves you happier and more fulfilled.

Two ways to be Actively Grateful include

1. Displaying genuine signs of appreciation towards those around you. Most of the time we are quick to scold but hesitant to compliment. Compliment those who do good jobs or who simply do well. Compliment and show your appreciation to those you come in contact with. This will put a smile on their faces and with the law of reciprocity you’ll be getting back more than what you give without even having to work for it 😉


2. Writing down what you are grateful for, along with your “wins” in a daily journal. This will keep you motivated to continue with your endeavors and help you realize the specific things you appreciate. The more you shed light on what you appreciate, the more “lucky” you feel. This translates into a more abundant mindset which boosts self-esteem and lets you see opportunities you might have otherwise missed.

 2. Dress Successful

Think of how successful people dress. Do they wear baggy clothes that are too big for them? What type of outfits do they wear? Usually successful people wear clothing that fits them well and that looks good. When you wear things that make you look good, you feel good. Feeling good gives you more confidence. So boost your confidence by wearing clothes that you are proud to wear and that make you look good. Throw away the old, worn clothes you never wear and anything else that doesn’t fit you and can’t be altered (by an alterationist). Don’t wear clothes with stains on them and coordinate your clothing so that the colors compliment each other. Not only will you look and feel better when you’re well put together, but you will be more attractive to others, which is always a nice boost to your confidence 😉

3. Walk with Purpose

Have you ever seen a tv show where there was someone who was clearly in charge? They walked into rooms with authority. They weren’t afraid to take up space in the world. They walked with pose and purpose. They walked as if they were heading somewhere where they were needed because they’re important. Well you know what? You’re important. And you’re needed. Even if it doesn’t seem that way. You’re here on this earth to do great things. Walk as if you’ve already accomplished them. Keep your head held high and be easy in your strut. Not too fast to look like you’re late for something, but not too slow to make it look like you have nothing going on and you’re jut wondering.

Review 3 ways to boost Self-Esteem.

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